on your upcoming feature with Lochmere Living! 

It is my passion to deliver the absolute best because you deserve it. I'm here to make this easy and fun! 

Please follow this link to book your session then scroll down for the faq's.


I'm here for you! Let's get your questions answered.

What happens if it rains?

Simple question with an easy answer. If it rains, we will rescheudle.

What should we wear?

Be comfortable. Be you!

What is your editing policy?

When editing, I like to adjust basic color and contrast. I love those bold, rich and natural colors. Please note, I am not a professional retoucher and I usually don't Photoshop things out. I can zap out a random pimple but that beautiful aged smile will have stay. That rule of thumb also applies to stray hairs and such.

Where do you suggest we have our photo session?

Per Lochmere Living requirements, the photo session must be located in Lochmere. I suggest an outdoor area that shows off the story behind your magazine feature. For example: your home, the park, the lake or your office.

Can I purchase the images?

Absolutely, you can! Once available, I will e-mail you the link to your online gallery. From there you can star the ones you would like to purchase*. When you are done selecting please let me know. I will then send your invoice and upon payment I will unlock the photos for download. You will have access to your online gallery for 2 weeks. Don't forget to download them asap! *each image is $10

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